online casino FREE SLOTS HALL And “one-armed bandits” in casinos and online slots in virtual gambling clubs never have a shortage of players. Hundreds of thousands of Internet users visit online casino sites every day and spin the reels on their favorite machines in the hope of winning the jackpot. Therefore, it is not surprising that among gamblers there are many myths about the ways to win guaranteed.

The first myths appeared back in the 90s, when fans of gambling played in underground and completely legal gambling clubs. Then some argued that in order to win the jackpot, you need to insert tokens in a strictly defined way, play on the machine on which the previous player lost, and even pre-wet the tokens in holy water. Now these myths are a thing of the past, and modern gamblers openly laugh at them, but at the same time they believe in other, more modern myths. Let’s take a look at the most famous misconceptions about how you can hit the jackpot in online slots.

MYTH # 1

There is a betting system that allows you to win 100% of the time.

DISCLAIMER: Unfortunately for players, there is no 100% winning strategy. In honest casinos, all machines work according to the random number generator algorithm, that is, the symbols on the active lines drop out absolutely randomly every time. With the help of the so-called “winning strategies”, you can reduce the risk of losing all the money, but neither jackpot nor get rich quick is guaranteed.

MYTH # 2

Playing a slot that has recently lost a large amount will win.

DISCLAIMER: The random number generator does not take into account past game results, so this myth is fundamentally flawed. Still, there are slot machines where you can win with a greater probability: these are slots with a return of more than 95% and various bonuses. On the page of the FREE SLOTS HALL gambling club you can find links to trustworthy online casinos with slot machines with high impact.

MYTH # 3

The outcome of a bonus game in which the player must choose a card is always predetermined.

DISCLAIMER: The location and suit of cards in the bonus game is generated randomly, so the chance of winning by choosing the highest of 2 cards is 50%.

MYTH # 4

Beginners are definitely lucky, so you need to play for real money on new slots right away.

DISCLAIMER: In fact, beginners can be as lucky as seasoned players. But not knowing the rules of the game, a new player risks choosing the wrong betting strategy and losing all the money on an unfamiliar slot. Therefore, before placing bets with real money, it is better to practice in a free mode.

MYTH # 5

All slots give out certain combinations cyclically, so it is possible to track this cycle and determine at what time winning combinations appear on the lines, and at what time – losing ones.

DISCLAIMER: This statement has no basis whatsoever. There are no cycles in the work of the random number generator, it is based solely on the theory of probability.