The loyalty program is a marketing tool designed to attract and retain your customers on your resource. This tool is important for almost any business, including online gambling establishments. The loyalty program is a system of various rewards for its regular visitors. The purpose of the program is to interest the visitor and make him stay on the playground, awarding him points for this.

Program conditions

The loyalty system consists of three points:

The points program applies to slot machines only. In poker, roulette or blackjack, they can be credited in a minimal amount or absent altogether.
The accrued points are accumulated on a special account of the player, and he can play without any problems, earning them further.
All accumulated points increase the player’s level in the reward system.

How the loyalty program works

Many online casinos offer their loyal customers multilevel loyalty programs from 5 to 7 levels. When playing for real money, the player receives special points in the form of rewards. Accumulating points, the player gradually moves from the lower level to the higher, and the higher it is, the more the player gets privileges.

How points are accumulated

Points are accumulated in various ways. For example, a player can get a point for every dollar invested, and for a certain amount of points scored, he gets a point. Can be obtained for a medium or high level of deposit. If a player often uses slots, he will also receive points, and the more time he spends on the game resource, the more rewards he will be able to receive.

Often, some casinos open the first level for the player automatically after opening the first deposit. But to get the status, the player needs to play at the casino for some time. For players with basic status or the first level of loyalty, to maintain interest, the casino can almost always offer free prize spins, promotions and bonuses.

The higher the level of loyalty and status a player has, the more attractive the casino offers him a more attractive playing conditions. This can be, for example, individual gifts, prizes or other unique offers. Elite players can be offered weekly bonus spins, rewards, coins, instant winnings, and many other rewards.

Player status

It is worth mentioning the topic of statuses separately. In many online casinos, the loyalty program can be divided into several statuses (Newbie, Experienced … etc.). At the same time, the higher the player’s status, the more profitable the exchange rate of points for real money will be for him. In addition, the holder of a high status can count on additional bonus bonus points or free spins.

The player receives a new status after gaining a certain total number of points. That is, in order to get a higher status and favorable conditions, the player must constantly actively play, earning points for himself.